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Speeding Business Value & Lowering Risk

To systematically speed the delivery of business value while lowering risk, Markatalyst uses our field-proven Markatalyst Solution Development Process™ (SDP) to deliver marketing solutions.

Developed through extensive experience gained on numerous client projects, the Markatalyst SDP defines the steps that we use to successfully deliver your targeted marketing solutions, from the content, graphical, and editorial perspectives.

The methodology, which Markatalyst uses for all marketing projects, including branding and corporate identity, Web design, presentations, annual reports, product packaging, sales tools, and other strategic marketing materials, is composed of six phases:

  • Strategy — We begin each engagement with an assessment of your needs so that we can identify the marketing solutions that will provide you the most benefit and determine how our work will help you achieve your broader company goals.
  • Analysis — Once we have a clear picture of your expectations and objectives, we prepare a detailed plan, outlining the methods and resources we will use, as well as delineating additional information about costs and schedules. We collect and digest all information pertinent to developing your custom marketing solution and begin to develop basic solution outlines.
  • Concept Development — We develop and explore multiple concepts and narrow the concepts to a final solution, which will be refined in the Execution Phase.
  • Execution — We draw from a wide range of expertise in many media to execute your project. Our team of top-tier professionals refines the solution concept identified in the Concept Development phase into a final design. We also write copy for your targeted marketing solution, if necessary.
  • Implementation — Based on the final design developed in the Execution phase, we produce and deliver your final marketing solution.
  • Post-Project Support— After we complete a project, we want to learn how well it worked, both quantitatively and qualitatively because understanding a project’s effect on your market helps us to provide even better support for you in the future.

By adhering to our client-focused methodology, Markatalyst leverages marketing best practices to ensure that all our projects are 100 percent successful.

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