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Maximizing Brand Impact

Your corporate identity should communicate your company’s values and inspire customers. It should differentiate you from the competition and uniquely express the characteristics of your business.

By developing a thorough understanding of your company’s brand attributes, Markatalyst can create a distinctive and memorable corporate identity that will maximize the impact of your brand and allow your clients to identify your company quickly.

Markatalyst can create a corporate identity that is:

  • Expressive — Your logo should express the personality, promise, and purpose of your organization and allow your potential customers to learn something about your company.
  • Flexible — Your logo must be able to be used across numerous media types—print, on-line, business cards, Microsoft® PowerPoint, etc.—so legibility and aspect ratio are key. Your logo must also look good in black and white, as it will be on documents that are photocopied or faxed.
  • Unique and universal — Your logo must allow your company to stand out from the crowd and must be acceptable across countries and cultures.

Check out our portfolio to see examples of our corporate identity work Portfolio: Corporate Identity