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Defining "Why People Care"

Your brand is the sum of all the characteristics, tangible and intangible, that make your company, product, or service unique.

Your brand is:

  • An expression of the values of, and beliefs about, your company, product, or service
  • Much more than a name or a logo: it is a way of doing business, a reputation, and an identity
  • The reason why people evangelize a company, product, or service


Since strong brands lower customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention and profitability, and raise bottom line revenues, defining and building a strong brand is a long-term competitive advantage. A strong brand is the best way to generate revenue, grow profitably, and keep your business strong, regardless of economic climate.

With years of experience in developing leading brands, Markatalyst works to create a brand vision that communicates the unique and compelling qualities of your offering to the market.


Since the strongest brands tend to be the ones with the most consistent and clearest messages, the Markatalyst branding process also includes development of a clear, concise messaging platform. Once completed, your messaging platform serves as the foundation for the creation of all your other marketing materials—from sales tools and presentations to Web and advertising.