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A corporate identity is the "persona" of your corporation. It provides your organization with visibility and "recognizability." Considering everywhere a logo goes, its design and use can be some of the most important decisions you make for your company.

At Markatalyst, we of course adhere to the classic principles of logo design—legibility and readability—but also strive to prove fresh, innovative approaches for our clients. We will make sure your logo looks just as good in 15-foot letters on top of your company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on your company stationery.

We invite you to check out some selected examples of our work below.

Alio TV

Client: Alio TV

Background: Alio TV is transforming the entertainment industry by giving subscribers all the movies they want right at their fingertips. The Alio TV logo reflects the simplicity of the Alio TV approach and evokes the idea of a TV screen in the "A" and the "O."

Continuity Research

Client: Continuity Research

Background: Continuity Research is a leading analyst organization for the business continuity space. Markatalyst designed the Continuity Research logo to reinforce the idea of business continuity and reflect the modern approach that Continuity Research takes to its clients’ issues.

Evergreen Assurance

Client: Evergreen Assurance

Background: Evergreen Assurance provides software that delivers disaster protection at the push of a button. Markatalyst designed the Evergreen logo to include the "Evergreen button," a symbol of protection that was inherent in the Evergreen software solution.

International Orange Strategies

Client: International Orange Strategies

Background: International Orange Strategies provides marketing consulting for the networking, wireless, security, and on-line industries. Since "International Orange" is the official name of the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, Markatalyst included a stylized version of the bridge in the International Orange Strategies logo, referring to the company’s ability to bridge the gap between marketing strategy and results.

Karp Capital Management

Client: Karp Capital Management

Background: Karp Capital Management is an independent investment advisor. Markatalyst designed the logo to include an "up-and-to-the-right" motif to reflect Karp Capital’s promise of its ability to increase a client’s wealth.

Matheson Equity

Client: Matheson Equity

Background: Markatalyst designed the logo for Matheson Equity, a boutique corporate financial services firm, to evoke the solidity and professionalism that Matheson Equity brings to all its clients.

Vine & Dine

Client: Vine & Dine

Background: Markatalyst designed the logo for Vine & Dine, a premier annual wine and food tasting event that benefits local children’s charities, to evoke the elegance and class of this upscale charity event.