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Markatalyst Clients The Markatalyst team has created effective marketing solutions—including unique branding and corporate identity, clear messaging and positioning, compelling sales tools, innovative Web design, and powerful advertising—for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries—from high technology and financial services to consumer electronics and non-profit.

Of course, each project receives the same focus and attention to detail that is our passion, and each client benefits from the convergence of innovative strategy and results-oriented design that is our hallmark.

selected clients

We invite you to view the work we have done for some of our selected clients listed below. Click on the thumbnail images to get a quick overview of our work for a specific client, or click on the client name to get more details.

Aceva Technologies

Aceva Technologies: Integrated set of sales tools »

Advanced Beauty Care

Advanced Beauty Care: Clean, crisp, modern Web design »


Alcatel-Lucent: Sales tools, including collateral & white papers »

Alio TV

Alio TV: Corporate identity, messaging, sales tools & presentations »

American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society: Event-related sales tools, presentations & signage »


Apexon: Clean, modern Web 2.0-style Web design »

Aravo Solutions

Aravo Solutions: Messaging, sales collateral, presentations & Web design »


Ariba: Messaging, sales tools, presentations, advertising, event materials & Web design »


Arzoon: Messaging, sales tools, presentations, lead generation & Web design »

Broadband Forum

Broadband Forum: Web 2.0-style Web design »

Commerce One

Commerce One: Event-related sales tools, presentations & signage »

Continuity Research

Continuity Research: Comprehensive set of sales tools & Web design »

Dell’Oro Group

Dell’Oro Group: Messaging, presentations, sales tools & Web design »

EMM Group

EMM Group: White papers, presentations & training materials »


EnterSuite: Persuasive presentations »

Evergreen Assurance

Evergreen Assurance: Corporate identity, sales tools, presentations & advertising »

International Orange Strategies

International Orange Strategies: Corporate identity, business system & presentations »


Kara: Event materials »

Karp Capital Management

Karp Capital Management: Corporate identity, business system, messaging & sales collateral »

Matheson Equity

Matheson Equity: Corporate identity, business system, Web design, lead generation & sales tools »

Pacific Consulting Group

Pacific Consulting Group: Compelling proposal templates »

Packet Exchange

Packet Exchange: Event-related sales tools, white papers, lead generation programs & Web design »


Quintessencia: Clean, crisp Web design »

Spoke Software

Spoke Software: Web design, presentations & sales collateral »

Vine & Dine

Vine & Dine: Clean, modern Web design & event materials »


Vitria: Persuasive presentations »


Xpiron: Web 2.0-style Web design »