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Client:  Evergreen Assurance — Corporate Identity, Advertising & Sales Tools


Faced with the daunting task of creating a new market as well as launching a company and a product, Evergreen Assurance turned to Markatalyst for assistance defining its brand, visual identity, and messaging, and creating tools for its enterprise sales force.


Markatalyst developed a messaging platform and a comprehensive set of identity guidelines, allowing Evergreen to present a unified brand to the marketplace and save time and money dealing with suppliers. Markatalyst also designed, wrote, and produced a full suite of print collateral, sales presentations, advertisements, Web graphics, exhibit booth signage, and interactive product demonstrations that helped Evergreen close clients including, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

"Markatalyst was instrumental in our early success. They blend the best of marketing, strategy, branding, and fast execution."

— Paul LaPorte
Vice President of Marketing, Evergreen Assurance

About Evergreen Assurance (Acquired by MessageOne & Dell Computers)

A leading provider of real-time disaster recovery and disaster prevention services, Evergreen Assurance provides productized, continuous availability solutions that guarantee recovery in less than 15 minutes for all mission-critical applications.