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Client:  EMM Group — Persuasive Presentations & Compelling Sales Tools


As a marketing consultancy, EMM Group is focused on rapidly meeting its clients’ changing business needs. In its fast-paced environment with consultants jetting across the globe, EMM Group needed a marketing partner that could respond quickly to a range of demands—from creating presentations to delivering comprehensive training materials—all on aggressive timelines.


By developing a thorough understanding of EMM Group’s content, the Markatalyst team was continually able to deliver marketing solutions—from whitepapers and Microsoft® Powerpoint slides for presentations to clients, employees, or industry organizations to training materials for client engagements—on time and on budget to help EMM Group fulfill its commitments to its clients.

About EMM Group

EMM Group offers marketing consulting services to help companies drive profitable organic growth. By applying proven marketing intellectual property to building brand equity and go-to-market programs, EMM Group can deliver rapid, measurable results.