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Marketing Mavens with a Passion for Design

Led by a group of seasoned marketing executives with significant experience gained at leading high-growth organizations, including Ariba, BroadVision, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, and Sybase, the team members at Markatalyst have a proven track record of rapidly accelerating business.

The Markatalyst team focuses on helping companies of all types increase sales by delivering unique branding and corporate identity, clear messaging and positioning, compelling sales tools and presentations, innovative Web design, and powerful advertising.


CJ Glynn, Managing Director and Principal—Strategy

CJ Glynn, Managing Director and Pricipal — Strategy, Markatalyst With more than 25 years of experience in customer-facing roles at fast-growing firms from Oracle and Sybase to BroadVision and Ariba, CJ Glynn has been at the vanguard of the software industry, from the emergence of client/server applications through the forging and commercialization of the Web. With significant domestic and international expertise in corporate and strategic marketing, direct and channels sales, pre-sales, consulting, and application development, CJ Glynn is a proven executive with grounding in all aspects of business.

In 2002, CJ Glynn founded Markatalyst, a premier marketing solutions firm, to help organizations accelerate business by providing business strategy, messaging and positioning, visual communication and branding.

Prior to founding Markatalyst, CJ Glynn was Vice President of Marketing at Arzoon, Inc. (subsequently acquired by SSA Global) At Arzoon, he oversaw the strategic direction and positioning of the firm, including corporate strategy, global marketing, and technology alliances. He and his team were responsible for developing the strategic marketing direction, new markets, pricing and packaging, and sales tools.

Ariba Prior to Arzoon, CJ Glynn was one of the initial members of the marketing team at Ariba, Inc. At Ariba, he developed and consistently drove Ariba’s positioning and messaging through all communication channels, including collateral and sales tools, analyst and press relations, Web site, events and advertisements.

Previously, CJ Glynn built the Channels Sales organization and directed the worldwide Field Applications Engineering practice at BroadVision, Inc., providing technical sales expertise to the worldwide sales force.

Prior to BroadVision, CJ Glynn was an initial team member at Gain Technologies (later acquired by Sybase). At Gain, he assisted in developing the Asia/Pacific market for interactive television and providing technical account management for strategic clients.

Oracle Corporation Prior to Gain/Sybase, CJ Glynn began his professional career as an early employee at Oracle, where he spearheaded the development of custom client/server applications for businesses in multiple industries and led the formation of Oracle’s first client services organization, providing post-sales technical account management to Oracle Applications clients and other major clients around the world.

Cornell University Continually at the forefront of Marketing technology and trends, CJ Glynn is editor of Marketing Matters, an industry blog about current trends and techniques in corporate marketing, and a frequent presenter at many industry events. He earned an MBA in General and Operations Management from the Johnson School at Cornell University, an M.Eng. in Operations Research from Cornell University, and a B.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.


Alexandra de Montille, Principal—Creative

With a diverse background in the arts, design, information technology, philosophy, and sociology, Ms. Alexandra De Montille has a passion for the power of the visual language. Her significant design experience, as well as her innate ability to reduce complex ideas to their most basic, communicable forms, easily allow her to articulate design through targeted, concise solutions.

With a focus on creating commanding visual messages that can be used across all communication channels, she has harnessed her zeal for crisp, clear, and meaningful visual communications to help create marketing programs that meet clients’ needs and effectively communicate messages to the intended audience.

Université Paris — Sorbonne Prior to Markatalyst, Ms. de Montille was principal of a leading design firm in Montréal, Canada. As Creative Director, she was responsible for managing and mentoring the more than 10 designers, as well as representing the agency on high-level client engagements. With design experience developing solutions for clients in a diverse set of industries from high technology and financial services to consumer products and manufacturing, Ms. De Montille is a creative powerhouse.

Ms. de Montille earned a first degree (B.A.) in information and communication with a minor in philosophy and sociology and a master (M.A.) in information and communication from Université Paris Sorbonne.