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Protecting the Environment

Environmental Stewardship Protecting the environment is important to Markatalyst, so we are committed to sustainable business practices and helping our clients pursue environmentally friendly marketing strategies.

We share the ideal of a clean planet with our clients and our community, and we have implemented a multi-faceted plan focused on reducing our environmental impact, while still providing our clients with the same high-quality service. We are committed to conserving energy, making smarter use of raw materials, and using organic or sustainable products where possible. Our goal is to foster a culture of sustainability throughout our organization, across our supply chain, and within our community, where everyone can make a difference.

To preserve our natural resources and run a business that’s as good for the earth as it is for our clients, Markatalyst practices the &ldquot;Three Rs&rdquot;:

To reduce our environmental impact, we minimize the amount and toxicity of trash we discard. Some of the eco-friendly initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Using compact fluorescent light bulbs and environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible
  • Reducing the use of printed materials in our marketing efforts
  • Conducting meetings via teleconference, if possible, to reduce the amount of travel required
  • Investing in energy efficient equipment, including appliances, that carry the ENERGY STAR label, which shows that a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy
  • Turning off computers when they are not in use and keeping lights off in our offices when they are not needed
  • Using an electricity provider that is committed to renewable energy sources
  • Keeping thermostats at a reasonable level
  • Reducing waste paper by printing on both sides

Markatalyst is committed to using containers and products more than once, repairing what is broken, or giving it to someone who can repair it. Some of the eco-friendly re-use initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Purchasing remanufactured ink and laser toner for printers and fax machines
  • Using paper products with at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled fiber

We are committed to recycling as much as possible and buying products with recycled content. Some of the recycling initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Recycling old toner cartridges from copiers, fax machines, and printers
  • Recycling beverage containers, office paper, packaging, and other items as much as possible

To complement the “Three Rs” we also follow the “Three Es”:

  • Economic Viability: Adopt environmentally-friendly policies whenever economically feasible
  • Environmental Responsibility: Use low-risk, organic materials wherever possible
  • Social Equity: Contribute to the community

We are committed to being proactive community citizens supporting worthy environmental and social goals. By being an active environmental steward, we believe that Markatalyst can reduce our impact on the environment, make a difference in the kind of world we live in today, and improve the world that we will pass on to future generations.