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Answering Your Questions about Markatalyst

The following is a list of some common questions that previous clients have asked about Markatalyst:

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  • When was Markatalyst founded?

With many years of experience at firms including Ariba, BroadVision, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, and Sybase, CJ Glynn founded Markatalyst in 2002 to deliver high-value marketing solutions to businesses ranging from emerging and established high technology companies to local entrepreneurs.

  • What does the name "Markatalyst" mean?

"Markatalyst" is a combination of the words "marketing" and "catalyst." The name stems from our belief that clear, concise, consistent marketing messages and solutions will accelerate your business in the same way a catalyst speeds a chemical reaction.

  • What services does Markatalyst provide?

Markatalyst is a full-service marketing agency, providing businesses with targeted marketing solutions that help grab prospective customers’ attention and speed the sales process.

Markatalyst’s services include:

  • Unique Branding and Corporate Identity — Markatalyst captures the essence of your company and product, defines "why people care," and delivers a unique corporate identity that will serve as the basis for all your marketing materials.
  • Marketing Strategy — To adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers, your marketing strategy must provide a consistent approach to identifying new opportunities to outsell the competition. To help you strengthen your marketing foundation, Markatalyst provides strategic marketing—market gap analysis, pricing, promotion, advertising, distribution and competitive positioning strategies—that will correctly position you in the market, differentiate you from your competitors and maximize your mind share with prospects.
  • Clear Messaging and Positioning — Markatalyst will define and deliver differentiated corporate and product positioning and messaging that will enable you to clearly articulate your value proposition to prospective clients, partners, media, analysts, investors, and employees.
  • Lead Generation Programs — Markatalyst delivers and manages programs that will help you fill your sales funnel with qualified leads.
  • Compelling Sales Tools — Markatalyst delivers compelling sales tools that help rapidly move prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Corporate Communications — Markatalyst delivers materials that you can use to provide air cover for the field by "influencing the influencers" to swiftly secure press coverage and ensure inclusion in key analyst reports.
  • Innovative Web Design — Using the latest technologies, Markatalyst will design and deliver a Web design that effectively communicates your brand and messaging and will help convert visitors into clients.
  • Powerful Advertising — Markatalyst develops eye-catching ads that compel the audience to action.
  • Product Marketing — Markatalyst delivers innovative designs that communicate your brand essence and differentiate your products in the marketplace.

While you might not initially require every service Markatalyst provides, we offer a breadth of services to meet almost every marketing need.

  • Why should I work with Markatalyst if I already have a design agency?

Design agencies specialize in design and, in general, are not marketing experts. While Markatalyst does create award-winning designs, we are also experts in numerous areas of marketing and believe that creativity alone is useless. We focus on combining results-oriented design and innovative strategies to deliver targeted marketing solutions that communicate our clients’ message to their intended audience.

  • Why should I select Markatalyst over a large agency, a freelancer, or my in-house Marketing department?

Markatalyst bridges the gap between large agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketing organizations:

  • With large agencies, many levels of account supervision and overhead often separate you from the creative team, and many times junior people end up actually doing the work. With Markatalyst, you interact with the principals of the organization, the experts who will be directly working on your project, so your business goals are not lost in the translation.
  • Freelancers may be best-of-breed in one area, but cannot effectively run an integrated campaign across multiple marketing disciplines or scale to meet your needs when time is an issue. With Markatalyst, you work with one firm that can bring the resources to bear meet all your needs, from marketing strategy and positioning to sales tools and lead generation.
  • While your in-house marketing professionals intimately know your company and products, they are often beset by many corporate priorities that demand additional resources. Markatalyst can be an extension of your in-house team, augmenting your existing bandwidth to build and deliver targeted marketing programs seamlessly.

Because we leverage our breadth of experience and allow you to work directly with the principals of the organization, Markatalyst can generate better results than large agencies or freelancers and can augment the bandwidth of your internal marketing team, thereby maximizing the results of your marketing investment.

  • Can Markatalyst work with me if my business is not located in Silicon Valley?

Markatalyst regularly works with clients located throughout North America and around the world. We use the latest technology solutions to enable us to seamlessly work with our clients regardless of location. With the ubiquity of the Internet, geographic separation is rarely an issue.

  • What is the profile of a typical Markatalyst client?

Typical Markatalyst clients tend to be small- or mid-size companies that require additional bandwidth or expertise to deliver targeted marketing solutions. The team members at Markatalyst have successfully delivered targeted marketing solutions to firms in industries ranging from software and hardware to financial services and real estate development.

  • Can Markatalyst help me if my business is not in high-technology?

Markatalyst was founded to deliver high-value marketing solutions to businesses ranging from emerging and established high technology companies to local entrepreneurs. Markatalyst has used our marketing best practices in industries including software, hardware, financial services, and real estate development. Markatalyst can leverage our experience for your company, whether your business is in consumer products, high tech, manufacturing, or any other industry in which targeted, cost-effective marketing solutions are a priority.

  • Can Markatalyst complete my project for a rapidly approaching deadline?

Through our years of experience with numerous clients, we have developed techniques that allow us to recommend strategies that will work within whatever constraints you present. However, because we pride ourselves on developing long-term successful business relationships and ensuring 100 percent client satisfaction, we will not embark on a project unless we can deliver.

  • Is Markatalyst expensive?

We realize that price is an important issue, and Markatalyst is dedicated to providing a competitive price while not sacrificing quality, professionalism, or service. Our price includes our guarantee that we will do everything in our power to ensure your project is a success. At Markatalyst, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest return for your marketing dollar.

  • How can I find more information?

If you want to find out more about Markatalyst or schedule a business consultation, contact us by telephone at +1.650.473.9000 or by